Olive Oil is an intriguing subject. As a freelance writer covering olive oil stories in France, I met some fascinating people: growers and producers who speak with passion, drawing me into their olive world as they relate their different stories, olive tasting experts who patiently explained what to look for when you sip, smell and slurp, cooks who discovered healthy tasty extra virgin and finally those involved in sharing their knowledge, teaching and promoting olive oil in France.

It seemed right to share their stories in An Olive Oil Tour of France. This is how one reviewer describes An Olive Oil Tour of France:

An Olive Oil Tour of France“An Olive Oil Tour of France comes packed with the most significant information from the world of Olive Oil in France, and it probably answers every most relevant question you ever had about this French liquid gold.

Alice Alech gives the reader plenty to ponder with, from the simplified description of the economic patterns that are characteristic of the French Olive Oil production, to the established and scientifically proven health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Alice Alech, not only tells you the reasons for Extra Virgin Olive Oil in France being so expensive, she also opens the doors and invite you in to the lives and business behavior of French Olive Oil small producers, what I personally call, the gentleman’s club.

‘An Olive Oil Tour of France’ comes with delicious colorful recipes, so you can delight your family and guests by serving an Extra Virgin Olive Oil French feast on your verandah”

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